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23 Settembre 2022

New genesis of Zimbardo’s time position idea and you can medication

New genesis of Zimbardo’s time position idea and you can medication

Whenever i prepare to provide our groundbreaking work with the next Globally Meeting on time Angle in Copenhagen out-of August 15 – 19, socialize to introduce readers for the base from our browse: exactly how our very own go out perspective affects every facet of our life.

Many of us are accountable for all of our steps – and you will the reactions. Some of our very own methods are in the welfare – “I could take a walk although I don’t be want it because the weather is pleasant and i may use brand new take action”, whenever you are almost every other actions aren’t an informed for all of us – “I want to get back home in a rush therefore I am going to rates through this yellow guests white”. But equally important try our very own inactions, the experience i chosen to not ever grab. I tap our selves on the back for those we were correct in the – “Pleased I did not focus on that red light due to the fact there can be a visitors officer trailing myself” and defeat ourselves upwards for those i didn’t – “I will took you to definitely stroll last night as this storm front is supposed to continue for weeks.”

Its fate – and you can upcoming – is decided; they feel he’s got very little control of what the results are on it hence its methods you should never change lives in the the world

What we should don’t realize is the fact the mental feeling of time, our very own big date perspective, plays a switch role into the nearly all decision we build. Our very own go out perspectives are from our time- to-big date knowledge and these skills influence our measures along with that which we has pre-computed the results will be. Issue you need to begin to question is how do your personal feeling of mental go out dictate all your decisions, kids including major ones, without your own feeling? It’s a major paradox. A few of our decisions was affected by the new instant condition we are located in, what we was effect, what anyone else are trying to do and you may telling us to do, precisely what the desirable situation looks like and smells like – Lifetime from inside the Present Hedonistic home. Most other behavior forget all the quick articles and concentrate for the earlier, toward thoughts of comparable items whether or not confident or negative. However others are only concerned with future effects away from newest tips, exactly what do i acquire, what can we eradicate otherwise chance. And often to chart a profitable assistance.

Big date Position Therapy (TPT) helps us decide how we view the early in the day, present and coming and and this of our own day viewpoints are carrying you right back of traditions the life we want and you Chcete cazholic datovГЎnГ­ kontrolu webu may need to live.

1. Earlier in the day self-confident-mainly based anybody concentrate on the ‘‘traditional months.” They appear toward honoring antique getaways, wish to remain memorabilia away from previous enjoy, gather photo; they may has actually household members obtained understood once the teens.

These represent the big three time viewpoints you to definitely psychologically guide our very own strategies quietly off completely different paths, often forever enjoyable, possibly so you’re able to prevent emergency

2. Earlier in the day negative-based someone work with what ran completely wrong in earlier times. They reside in a full world of regrets and you may exactly what could have become. He has got a pessimistic look at their lives plus the globe; of many prior bad some body choose think about by themselves once the “realists” – they think the way they view the business is “the true” fact.

step three. Introduce hedonistic-built some body are now living in as soon as. Their needs in daily life are to search satisfaction, sensation, and you may the fresh and unique experiences; establish hedonists seem to do this to quit soreness and will possess addicting characters.

4. Present fatalistic-centered individuals believe their fate try pre-determined. For almost all, this time around perspective comes from their religious direction, for other people it comes down regarding a sensible evaluation of the impoverishment, or managing significant hardships.