Bar & Reading Room

Bar & Reading Room

Hotel Chaberton Bar & Sala letturaA typical 1930’s bar, welcoming and quiet, with walls that speak of years gone by, tangible memories that evoke emotions and feelings.

For those with a sweet tooth, the task of choosing from among 32 different flavours of hot chocolate, discovering sip after sip the entire history of cocoa…and for a delightful experience, classic chocolate fondue with fruit or pastries.

There are 33 types of tea, served with cookies and honey, ideal for a mid-afternoon snack.
For a break, a romantic rendezvous, or a few moments of relaxation, sipping restorative tisanes or fragrant infusions, the perfect accompaniment to your day.

A pleasant niche, a corner for chatting and reading warmed by a majolica stove; a small library is available, and there are comfortable seats and stylish furniture.

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