Our first thought when we woke up and throughout our stay was: what delights will we be tasting tonight?
Thanks for never having disappointed us, and congratulations to the dining room staff who made us felt coddled and at home!!

“Taken from the guest book”

Ristorante Hotel ChabertonThe hotel’s owner, Emilio Audibert, has always headed up the kitchen staff; the freshest, top-quality produce is prepared here to delight our guests.
Italian and international cuisine, Alpine specialities, tastings of local and organic produce such as toma cheese, ricotta, yogurt and mountain potatoes.
In summer, outdoor barbecuing.
Delightful suppers that include Fondue Bourguignonne, raclette and stone-grilling; weekly Piemontese dinners featuring local dishes like ghinefle, cajetta and goffres.


The pleasures of wine

The Chaberton’s wine list includes a selection of white and red Piemonte wines, with special attention to wines from the valley, vineyards cultivated at between 500 and 100 meters; we specify that these are products of the “Maestri del Gusto” and “Del Paniere”.
There are Barolos and Barbarescos from established Piemonte vintners, as well as readily drinkable wines for the less demanding palate.



In the morning, wake up to a cheering breakfast buffet featuring homemade bread, butter, special marmalades, homemade pies, fresh fruit salad, and all sorts of delicacies to start the day out right… And of course, if you wish, breakfast will be served in your room.

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