The early hours of the morning had just passed on a radiant day in mid-July, and I found myself on the summit of Mount Chaberton gazing out at the stupendous scene before me; it seemed like part of infinite space. My mind carried me off into a limbo of inner serenity, and I could not help but recall the battle experienced by our soldiers bombarded by the enemy, and who perished. Thank you, my beloved mountain, for the thrills that you give me every year.!!!
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At 1350 meters, the smiling town of Cesena Torinese is not just an ideal place for a summer stay and an ideal starting point for visiting the entire valley; it is also the right place for varied winter sports, and for seeking out a complex of traditions and natural beauty, the perfect integration of natural environment and new facilities.
A priceless heritage of art and culture framed in a natural setting of unparalleled beauty.
Cesena also welcomed two greats in European history, the famous French painter Paul Cézanne and the Italian playwright Vittorio ALFIERI.

Mount Chaberton and its environs

Hotel ChabertonGeographically speaking, Mount Chaberton is part of Italy, the famous peak of the Alta Valle Susa, and a place of great scenic and historic interest. From its summit there is a 360-degree view from the Massif du Pelvoux to Gran Paradiso, passing from the eternal snows of the Vanoise to the Rocciamelone, all the way to the Thuras Valley and French territory, with Montegenevre and Briançon; one of the vastest and most impressive panoramas available to hikers.
Chaberton is also known to historians for the fort on its summit, which was the highest in Europe.

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